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Cheat Sheets

Blue Has No Clue

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  • Why It's Ok To Cheat

    Let's face it.  Most of us (including some nail techs) can't draw a straight line with a ruler, let alone nail art.  Don't get us started about doing nail art on with your non dominant hand.  Cheat Sheets by Fly Funky Fresh are a simple way to express your mood, style and creativity.

  • What Are Cheat Sheets?

    Our Cheat Sheets are inspired by art, music, fashion, food and pop culture; featuring artist from all over the world. Cheat Sheets are waterslide nail decals that can be applied to natural nails or enhancements and can be used with traditional, gel polish or acrylic.

Cheat Sheet ???

Do I need a gel lamp to apply?

Great question. Unless you are using gel polish as a part of your look, you don't have to use a gel lamp.

How many come in a sheet?

Each Cheat Sheet comes with 20 nail decals. They are sized to fit most and can be trimmed, if needed.

Are all Cheat Sheets full coverage?

Most of our Cheat Sheets are full coverage to give your a complete look but we do offer individual decals too.

How do I apply them?

Select the size closest to the size of your nail

Apply your favorite Fly Funky Fresh base coat and/or polish color.  If you are applying a full coverage nail decal, you'll only need to apply the base coat.  Allow your nails to dry.

Place the decal in water for about 15 seconds.  We recommend putting the decal in design down.

Remove with tweezers and slide off background. Place on a paper towel to absorb extra moisture for a couple of seconds.

Place decal and position on your nail.  Use our sponge to smooth decal on your nail.  If you don't have our sponge, use a paper towel to gently press the decal onto your nail.

Apply at least 2 top coats of clear polish to seal the decal.

To extend the wearing time apply another clear top coat in a few days.