your instant mani

  • what are falsetto™ nails?

    Falsetto™ nails are full coverage nail tips that can be worn as long as 2 weeks and a short as 2 minutes (we see you, entertainers).

  • why falsetto™ nails?

    Falsetto™ nails were created as an alternative to acrylic nails. Not gonna lie, not a fan of acrylics. Don't come for me. Falsetto™ nails have evolved to a must-have when you can't make it to the salon or you don't want to go to a salon. They are perfect for switching it up your look or getting the perfect look.

  • Ready To Ship vs. Custom

    A full set comes with 20-22 nails in various sizes whereas a custom set is created with our looks or your looks, just to fit your nails.