Polish For A Change

Creating an initiative to give back was always a part of the Polish Change plan, since day one.  Having a mother with a compromised health system and a son with special needs, I've been front row to the lack of direct resources available to people in need.  Polish For A Change was created to give back to the community and this is how we are doing it. 

Get A Bottle, Give A Bottle

For every bottle you purchase from our website, we will donate a bottle to an organization that offers self care to those in need.  This can be in the form of bottles given directly to folks, given to a wellness/self care facility or used during our monthly mani events.

Monthly Mani

There's nothing like hanging out with girlfriends for a manicure.  One day, per month, I offer complimentary manis to a local group or organization that offers resources to those in need.  These services can be for the group of folks in need of help and even for the group of folks offering the help.

Amazing What Polish Can Do

5% of all net proceeds will be used to better our community.  Whether we help by offering complimentary services, complimentary products, feeding the hungry, school supplies for the kiddos or what's necessary for our pet family; we will do what we can.

If you know of an organization, please let us know.